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LET‘S GET DOWN TO BRASS TACKS – With this line Razor Punch describe their performance: with punch, attitude and no compromise on sound. The five-pieceband hit the nail on the head. With loud and screaming guitars, a wall of rousing solos and a powerful rhythm section approaches. On top you get a charismatic voice that is recognizable and masters the balancing act between metal and hard rock of the past decades and a modern, alternative sound.

The band, consisting of Marco Scheiper (Vocals), Tobias Henschel (Guitar), Thore Eckhoff (Guitar), Nico Schult (Bass) and Jonny von Ahnen (Drums) off er fast, rhythmic sections, choruses to sing along, ballad parts and metal thunderstorms. Razor Punch ignite a rock inferno on stage.

Razor Punch is a band with many faces. Some call it indecisiveness. For Razor Punch it is a philosophy: This sound is not calculated, but heart-felt.

All band members never limit themselves in their musical influences and like to think outside the box. It is important to the band that the next song alwayssounds surprising.

The lyrics, seasoned with refined playon-words and metaphors, aim to have an individual effect on each listener. With convincing performances at renowned events such as Full Metal Mountain, Kieler Woche and Deichbrand Festival, the fivemen from Wanna in Lower Saxony were able to attract a lot of attention.

The debut album „Tell me your Secret“ from 2019, has been met with excellent response from international critics and was rewarded with airplay, including the Hard Rock Stream of Radio BOB!

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Based in

Wanna – Germany


Hard Rock



Aktuelle Single



Tell me your Secret Cover 


Tell me your Secret

Album 2019 (Calygram Records)


The Band

Razor Punch @ Holtebüttel Rockt Festival

Nico Schult

Tobias Henschel

Tobias Henschel

Lead Guitar
Marco Scheiper

Marco Scheiper

Thore Eckhoff

Thore Eckhoff

Rhythm Guitar
Jonny Müller

Jonny Müller


Buche uns!

Contact us mail@razorpunch.de


Datum Stadt Location Land
11.11.23 Cuxhaven, Niedersachsen Franzler Musikbar Germany
Zeit: 7:00pm. Adresse: Wohlsenstr. 32.
14.10.23 Bremerhaven Kapovaz Germany
Zeit: 8:00pm. Eintritt: Eintritt gegen Spende. Adresse: Bürgermeister-Smidt-Straße 147.
19.08.23 Großbahren, Brandenburg Grossbahrener Schwermetal Fest Germany
Zeit: 2:00pm. Eintritt: 35 €. Adresse: Hinter Kaiser’s Scheune.
11.08.23 Neuenkirchen Scholien Rocks Germany
Eintritt: Eintritt gegen Spende. Adresse: Scholien.
24.06.23 Lunestedt Lubi Rockt Germany
Zeit: 5:00pm. Adresse: Am Dorphuus. Genaue Infos
09.07.22 Bad Bederkesa, Niedersachsen NIG Rock Germany
Zeit: 11:00pm.
24.06.22 Langwedel, Niedersachsen Holtebüttel Rockt Festival Germany
Zeit: 6:00pm. Eintritt: 46 €. Adresse: Am Broockkamp 1. Mit u.a. Radio Havanna, Me on Monday & Dead Rock Pilots Genaue Infos
18.06.22 Land Hadeln BovRock Germany
Zeit: 7:00pm. Privat Veranstaltung
09.04.22 Bremerhaven, Bremen Rock Center Germany
Zeit: 7:00pm. Adresse: Moltkestraße 13. Location Telefonnummer: 047195846301. abgesagt
13.11.21 Hamburg Indra Club 64 Germany
Zeit: 6:00pm. Adresse: Große Freiheit 64.

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